1. Myself | Photo: Jake ‘the camera wizard’ Sansom

  2. Jake Sansom

  3. Jake Sansom

  4. Anthony Osborn

  5. Couldn’t quite nail the focus at 1.2 | Miah Sonner

  6. Jervis Goodsell

  7. Scoping lines with Jervis Goodsell

  8. Kodak Ultramax


  9. As Ice Cube once said

    Today was a good day

  10. My trusty steed 

  11. Felt like I needed a bit of alone time today. 


  12. Why is it

    That when non-mountain bikers see a photo of you shredding the first thing they say is, “Thats so sick!” or ” Thats gnarly man!” 

  13. Chillin’ by the beach

  14. Paddling around Dove Lake

  15. Very rarely do I upload photos taken on an iPhone, but this is an exception.