1. Jake killin’ time by the river one arvo

  2. New whip! I have built this bad boy completely out of recycled bicycle components that were donated to the Hobart Bike Kitchen by generous people like yourself! To date I have spent around 8 dollars on this build. Splash of paint tomorrow and a few tweaks here and there and she’ll be complete.


  3. Yesterday

    I finally launched my website. If you have a spare moment, it would be great if you could check it out. The website contains images that may, or may not be palatable to your eyeballs.



  4. I need to shoot way more Black & White

  5. Flinders Johnston 

  6. Dan Booker

  7. Dan Booker

  8. Dan Booker

  9. Jake Sansom

  10. Flinders Johnston

  11. Mahalia Woodham

  12. Flinders Johnston

  13. Mahalia Woodham

  14. Flinders Johnston

  15. Flinders Johnston